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How is it already the end of March?! We’re busy creating beautiful spaces for our clients and this week, we’re bringing you a few of our favorite sources for both creative and design inspiration. Hopefully these will spark some of your own ideas.


The Wake into the Dream fabric collection from Fortuny. They're handmade and printed at the Fortuny factory in Venice.

I love emeralds so much! The unexpected inclusions in good emeralds make them unique and imperfect, like us — and like in the designs that I like to do, personally, a little unexpected and different.

Art is always a major source of inspiration for me, most recently these works from Odilon Redon and Wassily Kandinsky

This rocking chair reimagined.

Outdoor dining, preferably with an ocean view. We're working on a pool house right now, and this image helped with the cabana/casita feel we want to create.


The Amangiri Resort in Utah. Any Place with fresh air! Longing for clean air and mind to evoke inspiration... The new Pierre Frey wallpaper is pretty stunning. Can’t wait to find a project for this one! Instagram's @fifthaveshoes. Interior design and fashion go hand in hand. This guy is a sales associate at the Saks Fifth Ave NYC Flagship, and he posts all of the new shoes. Love these — they remind me of the “working woman.” I’m on a color kick, and can’t get enough of this collab from de Gournay and Erdem. I’m still obsessed with the molded walnut buffet cabinet from Italy we placed in our clients home a few years ago. The craftsmanship is impeccable and it actually functions as a cabinet. The work of textile artist Richard Saja and his unexpected use of color, especially this toile embroidered piece.



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