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When it comes to great design, there truly are no rules. That said, there are definitely a few do's and don'ts to follow that will ensure the best results.

If you're someone who is about to move into a new home, planning an upcoming remodel or even just a single-room refresh, you will definitely appreciate these!

Rosenberg + Gibson Design

DO start with a statement piece.

A colorful fabric, a piece of furniture with killer lines, a stunning piece of art. Let everything else evolve from there. This helps to give the design plan direction and a starting point to pull together colors and the other accents.

Rosenberg + Gibson Design

DON'T try to match.

Pieces and patterns just need to "go" together! Try mixing patterns of different scale and colors to achieve the right look.

Rosenberg + Gibson Design

DO add a mirror or mirrors.

Mirrors help to make the space appear larger and will enhance the room's natural light and views.

Rosenberg + Gibson Design

DON'T be afraid of color.

We're all about neutral palettes, but a fun pop of color not only keeps the room fresh, but can easily be changed out for the different seasons. Think: pillows, blankets and artwork!

Rosenberg + Gibson Design

DO invest in good lighting.

Lighting can make or break a space. It can also change the mood of a space. Too many overhead lights can make a room feel unwelcoming.

It can be hard to filter out the noise and pull together what you love with all the ideas online and in design magazines. Remember design is truly personal, and you have to follow your individual taste and style to truly create something you love.

Trends come and go, but a room designed around your unique journey will be timeless and always feel relevant to you.

Having trouble figuring out your personal design style? Get in touch! We're always ready to help.



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